As a Canadian First Financial Centre and being a CFF agent, I can provide financing solutions for small businesses to help them grow. Aquiring financing is not an easy task for a small business, however with my help they can get the financing they need to reach the levels they aspire to. We are aligned with three great companies to provide financing that banks say no to. We reailze the importance of small businesses to the economy and provide common sense lending solutions to help them increase sales and allow them to flourish.

Lendified provides unsecured loans of up to $150,000 that can be used for anything to grow your business. You simply apply online and within one day you can be approved. And within as little as 48 hours you can have access to your approved funds. Rates are better than other alternative lending options and there is no penalty to off your loan early.

Liquid Capital is our asset based lender. They have a vast array of ways to provide you with financing. Whether it be assets like accounts receivables or inventory or equipment, they will provide loans from them. Export financing, working capital advances, equipment leasing are a few of the other ways financing is provided.

Flexiti provides customer financing for businesses looking to boost sales. With the ability to offer financing, an increased amount of people can buy your product or service. It’s a quick and easy process with approvals being given in less than 5 minutes. You can use any device to process the application and you also have the ability to offer 0% financing.